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The perfect walk companion for your cellphone.  MYphonebag is a universal cell phone holder--a case for your cell phone. It is designed to be worn around the neck or over the shoulder for hands-free operation and easy access to your cell phone.  SPRING WILL BE HERE BEFORE YOU KNOW IT-- Prepare for it Now..

 It is:            

  • Lightweight.
  • Convenient – Attached to an adjustable strap (wear around neck or over shoulder).
  • Velvet lined to protect your phone.
  • Easy to carry when not in use (small enough to be carried in purse or backpack).
  • Clear cover allows visibility of phone screen, use of keypad and scrolling of touch screen.
  • Hands-free conversation while:
      ◊ Walking  ◊ Shopping  ◊ Driving  ◊ Cooking  ◊ At Home
  • Keep phone safe from snatch and run.
  • Available now--
      ◊  Holds Blackberry, iPhone IV and below, Android type phones  (5” x 3” x .75”)  
  • Also holds MP3 players.

Have You Ever:

  • Lost your phone?
  • Had your phone stolen or snatched?
  • Dropped your phone or broke it?
  • Misplaced your phone?
  • Tried to continue conversation while doing housework?
  • Had water damage your phone?
  • Tried to drive while talking on the phone?
  • Gotten tired of holding your phone during a lengthy conversation?

MYphonebag is the Answer.   Buy now!!!!!!!!!                                                                                           

Available in black.  New colors coming soon.


                                Do you know where your cell phone is?  

Yes, in MYphonebag.

                          If you don't have yours, purchase now!!!!!!!!!

**If you are interested in a large purchase (10 or more) or an international purchase, please use the Contact Us  page to inquire or send a fax with your order request.**

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